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Passed    Motion To: WHEREAS at its meeting of June 27, 2018, a motion has been brought forward requesting that staff implement interim measures to accommodate west end suburban residents who wish to drive to a municipal park parking lot inside the greenbelt, park their vehicle for the day, and cycle to work, and Council referred this issue to the Transportation Committee for consideration; and WHEREAS encouraging residents to cycle to work instead of driving, even if it is for only part of their journey, is supportive of the City’s goal of increasing cycling mode share; and WHEREAS park parking lots are provided for the exclusive use of park users; and WHEREAS the zoning for parks and recreation facilities generally does not allow parking for non-ancillary uses; and WHEREAS restrictions on parking are an important mechanism for ensuring that parking priority is maintained for facility users; and WHEREAS removal of parking restrictions could lead to the growth in unauthorized use of municipal parking lots at key locations if not accompanied by an appropriate policy framework and control measures; WHEREAS sufficient time is required to confirm the feasibility of the concept, review its applicability on a City-wide basis, develop a program framework and controls, and consult with the public as appropriate on the zoning changes required to accommodate a change in parking restrictions; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Transportation Committee recommend Council direct staff of Transportation Services Department and Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services to undertake a review of the Park and Bike concept and report back with findings and recommendations by the end of Q1 2019.
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Moffatt  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) D. Chernushenko  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) M. Fleury  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) B. Monette  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) G. Darouze  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Qadri  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) K. Egli  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) D. Deans  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) C. McKenney  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) M. Qaqish  Yes