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Title:Notices of Motion (For Consideration at Subsequent Meeting)

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No Action    Motion To: WHEREAS the City of Ottawa, in collaboration with the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario, are constructing a vital pedestrian and cycling footbridge across the Rideau Canal between Fifth Avenue in the Glebe and Clegg street in Old Ottawa East; and WHEREAS the Ward Councillor completed a public naming process that included a general call-out via an on-line form and through direct contact with the Councillor’s office; and WHEREAS 141 suggestions were submitted by the public, resulting in 86 unique suggestions and a shortlist of 70 submissions adhering to the City’s Commemorative Naming guidelines; and WHEREAS a Naming Committee was created to review all public submissions, comprised of the Ward Councillor, one Board Member from each of the three neighbouring Community Associations of Old Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South, and the Glebe, one non-board member of each respective neighbourhood as recommended by their respective Community Association, and a representative of the Mayor’s Office; and WHEREAS the Naming Committee shortened the list to six names, which were vetted by the City for clarity and duplication, resulting in the removal of one name; and WHEREAS the Naming Committee recommended that the Rideau Canal footbridge be named “Passerelle Flora Footbridge” after Flora MacDonald, a pioneering female Canadian politician and the first female Canadian foreign minister, a humanitarian at home and abroad and a bridge-builder between political parties and cultures; and WHEREAS Flora MacDonald lived for several decades adjacent to the bridge site and was a frequent speed skater on the Rideau Canal; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that City Council approve that the Rideau Canal footbridge linking Fifth Avenue and Clegg Street be named “Passerelle Flora Footbridge”.
No Action    Motion To: WHEREAS City Council on May 10, 2017, as part of its approval of the Elgin Street Renewal Project, directed staff work to provide opportunities for additional temporary public parking within close vicinity of Elgin Street during reconstruction, and delegated authority to the General Manager, Public Works and Environmental Services, to designate dates and times when parking at City Hall will be free of charge during the time that Elgin is under reconstruction; and WHEREAS parking will be free at the City Hall parking garage located at 110 Laurier Avenue during weekday evenings (after 6 p.m.), and on weekends during the 2019 major construction on Elgin Street, which is intended to help offset the impacts of removing on-street parking along Elgin Street during this period; and WHEREAS prior to the full road closure in 2019, partial road closures are already in effect on Elgin Street and some side streets, and will be ongoing throughout 2018 due to the work being undertaken Bell Canada and Hydro Ottawa; and WHERAS the current road closures are already impacting parking for customers of Elgin Street business owners; and WHEREAS implementing free evening and weekend parking at City Hall beginning in July instead of waiting until 2019 would result an estimated $77,000 in foregone parking revenues and thus a reduced contribution to the Parking Reserve Fund; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that City Council approve that free parking at the City Hall parking garage located at 110 Laurier Avenue will be provided during weekday evenings (after 6 p.m.) and on weekends begin on July 14, and continue until completion of the major construction work on Elgin Street, as described in this motion.