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Title:Official Plan and Zoning Amendments – Parts of 4005 and 4025 Strandherd Drive

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Type:1 1 #:BARRHAVEN (3)
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Meeting Date:2017-Jul-11 2017-Jul-11 2 Ward:BARRHAVEN (3)
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Vote Records
Passed    Motion To: Whereas a request for postponement has been received from the property owner in respect of report ACS2017-PIE-PS-0080 - OFFICIAL PLAN AND ZONING AMENDMENTS – PARTS OF 4005 AND 4025 STRANDHERD DRIVE in order to address recently identified opportunities that may result in a more efficient planning approvals process; THEREFORE be it resolved that Planning Committee refers this report to staff for review and amendment as necessary prior to Committee’s consideration.
(Councillor / Conseiller) R. Chiarelli  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Blais  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) J. Harder  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) J. Cloutier  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) R. Brockington  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Qadri  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) T. Tierney  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) J. Leiper  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) A. Hubley  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) T. Nussbaum  Yes