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Title:All Way Stop Control at the intersection of Prestone Drive and Deavy Way

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Type:100 100 #:ORLÉANS (1)
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Meeting Date:2017-Jun-07 2017-Jun-07 2 Ward:ORLÉANS (1)
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 2nd1002017-Jun-14City Council
Vote Records
Passed    Motion To: That the Transportation Committee recommend that Council approve the installation of an all-way stop control at the intersection of Prestone Drive and Deavy Way.
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Moffatt  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) D. Chernushenko  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) M. Fleury  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) B. Monette  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) G. Darouze  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Qadri  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) K. Egli  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) D. Deans  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) J. Mitic  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) C. McKenney  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) M. Qaqish  Yes