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Meeting Date:2017-May-02 2017-May-02 2 Ward:KITCHISSIPPI (15)
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Vote Records
Passed    Motion To: WHEREAS the report entitled Westboro Village Business Improvement Area Boundary (ACS2016-PIE-EDI-0009) was listed on the Finance and Economic Development Committee agenda of 4 October, 2016; and WHEREAS, following public delegations, Committee approved Motion No. 21/4, which tabled the item and directed the Ward Councillor to host a public consultation with the goal of making necessary changes to ultimately enhance acceptance of the boundary expansion, in addition to other consultations, as required; and WHEREAS following the Ward Councillor’s public consultation on November 15, 2016, and additional stakeholder consultation by staff, staff have modified the proposed boundary expansion area to include McRae Avenue from Richmond Road to Scott Street, as well as 114 Richmond Road, 376 Madison Avenue, 393-399 Winston Avenue, 1960 Scott Street and 1976 Scott Street; and
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Moffatt  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) E. El-Chantiry  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) D. Chernushenko  Absent
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Blais  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) M. Taylor  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) B. Monette  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) J. Harder  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) K. Egli  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) D. Deans  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) A. Hubley  Absent
(Mayor / Maire) J. Watson  Yes