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Title:Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments – 102 Bill Leathem Drive

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Type:1 1 #:Gloucester-Nepean-Sud (22)
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Meeting Date:2017-Mar-28 2017-Mar-28 2 Ward:Gloucester-South Nepean (22)
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 2nd12017-Apr-12City Council
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No Action    Motion To: DIRECTION TO STAFF: Today’s places of worship have changed immeasurably. In my community alone from the Ottawa Torah Centre, to Sequoia, to Cedarview Alliance, to South Nepean Mosque to Salvation Army....all leaders of these places came to me with a vision for “community space”. All aforementioned examples are vibrant communities within Barrhaven as are others across this City. Yes there is a celebration of their faith but the vast majority of time, 7 days a week, these large community centres are just that. So my direction to staff is that they study where these larger places of worship and places of assembly should be placed in the future and that staff prepare a motion for Council at its next meeting outlining how this will be done.
Passed    Motion To: WHEREAS Recommendation 1 of Staff Report ACS2017-PIE-PS-0041 recommends the refusal of amendments to Zoning By-law 2008-250 and the City of Ottawa Official Plan to permit the development of a multi-purpose facility which is proposed to include place of worship, place of assembly and community centre uses in the ‘Ottawa Airport Operating Influence Zone’; and WHEREAS having heard the submissions in support of the matter; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Recommendation 1 of Staff Report ACS2017-PIE-PS-0041 be amended by replacing the word “refuse” with the word “approve”; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the proposed site-specific amendments shall be subject to the following conditions: 1. That the only noise-sensitive land uses permitted at this location shall be those defined exclusively as place of assembly, place of worship and community centre; 2. That the above noise-sensitive land uses shall only be permitted where the Owner has provided a noise study to the satisfaction of the General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development. It is understood that the noise mitigation measures recommended in the noise study shall be implemented to the satisfaction of the General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development; 3. That the following uses are prohibited at this location: • daycare • rooming unit and rooming house • retirement home • residential care facility • shelter 4. That an appropriate covenant be placed on title reflecting the fact that the property in question is within the Ottawa Airport Operating Influence Zone.
(Councillor / Conseiller) R. Chiarelli  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Blais  Yes
(Councillor / Conseillère) J. Harder  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) J. Cloutier  No
(Councillor / Conseiller) R. Brockington  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) S. Qadri  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) T. Tierney  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) J. Leiper  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) A. Hubley  Yes
(Councillor / Conseiller) T. Nussbaum  Yes